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7 Mountains Media
#5 Rosemar Circle​
Parkersburg, West Virginia 26104​
Tel: 304-485-4565​
Fax: 304-424-6955

7 Mountains Media, their Affiliates and Radio Stations do not and shall not discriminate, in any manner on the basis of race, gender or ethnicity, respecting employment or advertising practices.


7 Mountains Media is a huge supporter of our community. One way we do this is through our program called Giving Back.​

The Stations of 7 Mountains Media makes their services available to local organizations in a campaign of cash or promotional consideration that over the last 12 months has totaled over $25,000.00. 7 Mountains Media provided to local charities, non-profits and other civic organizations, right here in our local area! Live and Local takes on a whole new meaning through our Giving Back program. We would like to thank all of our clients for helping make this possible, for without local business putting their trust in 7 Mountains Media for their advertising needs, we could not give back to the community. 

FROGGY 99.jpg

Do we have a format for you!

7 Mountains Media's cluster of 6 FM and 2 AM stations assures our listeners of having the format they want. When you choose to advertise with 7 Mountains Media you can do it with confidence and expect results. 7 Mountains Media has invested in making sure that we can deliver results for our clients. We have the largest production staff in the Mid-Ohio Valley and one of the most technologically advanced facilities in the region. Our award winning on-air production is unmatched with unique voices available to produce commercials that will stand out and get your message out to your customers!

Country Music is the most popular format across the nation, and FROGGY99.1 is the #1 station in the Mid-Ohio Valley. FROGGY99.1's Genuine Froggy Country format appeals to listeners of all ages, demographics and socioeconomic status.
99.1 WGGE

The Valley's Rock Station, 103.1 The Bear is the area's highest rated Rock Station and is a favorite amount both men and women. Although the Rock format is traditionally targeted more as a male genre, a very large percentage of female listeners tune into 103.1 The Bear. WHBR is also home of The Bob and Tom Show. 103.1 The Bear is proud to be the local provider of WVU Mountaineer Football and Basketball.
103.1 WHBR

My95.1 is our Contemporary Hit Radio Station. The most Powerful station in the area, with 50,000 watts, My95.1 has the largest geographic reach of any local station, reaching over 30 counties in West Virginia and Ohio. Home of Bob and Sheri in the mornings. 95.1 WXIL

Classic Rock Z106.1 plays the best classic rock from artists like Aerosmith to ZZTop, Boston to Chicago, The Beatles to Van Halen. Also home of The John Boy and Billy Big Show and Nights with Alice Cooper. 
106.1 WRZZ

The New Willie 94.7 Plays Classic Country Music from the 70's, 80's, 90's and more. Mornings start with Ted Hopper and The Willie Wakeup from 6am to 9am.

94.7 WLYQ FM & AM 1050 

WVNT 103.5 FM is The Valley's News Talk Sports Radio Station. Featuring The Dan Bongino Show, Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles and Mark Levin Radio Shows. Plus Tony Caridi, Hoppy Kerchival, Dave Ramsey and MetroNews every weekday morning. It is also home of NASCAR Cup Series Races.
WVNT 103.5 FM & AM 1230
7 Mountains Media has a wide range of award winning talent available to help our advertisers stand out from the competition. 7 Mountains Media's on-air professional talent is not only the largest voice over production team in the Mid-Ohio Valley but we are proven to deliver marketing results that often times exceed our client's expectations.  Here at 7 Mountains Media we understand how important it is to keep your advertising message sounding top notch so that you can keep and/or gain that competitive edge.  We have nearly a dozen unique and exceptional voices that specialize in getting your marketing message out to your audience. Contact us for additional information or contact one of our marketing professionals directly. 7 Mountains Media is ready to deliver outstanding results for you and your business!

Our interactive platform offers a wide range of on-line enhancements to your on-air campaign. We have developed a suite of options that are specifically designed to get results for our advertisers. You can be our next success story. Contact us and let 7 Mountains Media customize a marketing campaign for your business.
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